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4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page One Rank in 2020


4 sneaky amazon seller hacks to grab page 1 Ranks

4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks in 2020

  By Yaniv Itskovich  

Today I am going to show you how I pick the best keywords for my Amazon Listings EVERY SINGLE TIME . I will show you step by step the 4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks, which I use every week. Using these techniques, I make Mega profits on demand in my Amazon FBA Business, month after month.**To see Facebook Video please click above**

 In this article, I am going to show you step by step how to find the best and profitable keywords for your Amazon listings. We will find the best keywords for the title, description, and bullets.We will also go into the Amazon Seller's backend and find the right keywords using free and paid software and methods. This way, you can always get the absolute best, most relevant keywords for your listings in the Amazon Marketplace  and hopefully help you to rank on Amazon. However, how to rank for keywords on Amazon and how to rank for keywords in Google are two different animals, and today I will show you why. 

The reason I decided to make this video/article is that many of you guys have messaged me about my Amazon FBA Checklist. So in this article, I will spell out step by step the whole process, so You don't miss out on anything as you build out your Amazon FBA Business. So without further ado, let me show the "4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks for your listings and how to Rank on Amazon in 2020.

Jumping in a listing's Backend in Seller's Central.

This is not a tutorial on How to Use  Amazon Seller Backend. I am only going to show you how to find the keywords and where to put them. I will show how to make your listing as relevant as possible so you actually get ranked for the first  page of Amazon Listings. Stick around and you will find out how to rank for keywords on Amazon.

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Case Study: Yoga Mats/ Hack#1

We are going to be using yoga mats as an example, and try to get all the relevant keywords. Now Amazon and eCommerce, in general, is a constantly changing environment, and one or two things might have changed from the time of this article. However, I have updated this article for 2019, so it should be up-to-date. The first of the "4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 ranks" is using Amazon Real Search Volume Data for optimizing your Amazon listings keywords. It is one of the secrets for How to get your product on the first page of Amazon.

The first thing you do is find the item similar to the one you are trying to rank. It is best to pick the one ranking in the first spot in the Amazon listings. It is important to look closely at the item in the first spot. It is the one Amazon has deemed worthy of the first organic position.

Now there is a reason for that. There is a reason for the seller's position. His keywords, sales, and descriptions are good. Everything is optimum as far as the Amazon algorithm.What we are going to do is to use his listing as an example to create our listing. We need to figure out what keywords to use to rank for the words Yoga Mat. Until as recent as 2017 getting Amazon Exact Search Volume Data was impossible. But thanks to policy changes in Mid-2018, Amazon now makes available this closely guarded data. Now you can take advantage of this data as one of the 4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks.

Hack #2: Junglescout

The second of our  "4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Rank" is Keyword Data research using Junglescout.  Junglescout is a database-driven software that allows Amazon FBA participants and Amazon sellers to find product ideas based on supply and demand, track sales opportunities, and use keyword trends to optimize your listings on Amazon.

Junglescout allows us to find out exactly what volume of searches there are for any keywords. We are going to be using a Junglescout feature called Keyword Scout .This data is very accurate because it comes straight from Amazon. I put in the word Yoga Match, and I am told there are exactly 257640 searches on average for this keyword on Amazon every month. So crazy. I never thought it would be that many. But data pulled directly from Amazon can't be wrong. If you stick out to the end  I will show you how to pull out the exact keywords any listing in Amazon is using.

Hack #3: The 2 Backend sections where your keywords should go.

There are three main areas in your product backend, where you can add keywords. These are the title, the product features( just below the title), and the product description. Now I believe this is the most vital of the "4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Rank" . So Pay close attention. Placing relevant  keywords in the title and product features is the most important of the "4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Rank" .

The Amazon search algorithm does not check for keywords in the Product description. Now between these two, the title is the most vital for keywords. The best High search, high relevance keywords should be placed in the title.

The first few words in the title are the most important for keyword relevance. Pick the first words in the title with the utmost care. Your product listing ranking probability hinges on them. You don't have to guess blindly. Junglescout makes keyword choice for an Amazon listing a science rather than an art. What about product description? The importance of product description isn't listing ranking but rather giving additional information to the potential buyer, so he/she can decide to purchase your product.Give them the key benefits of your product,what is included in the product,why they should buy your product. Now the manufacturer's description above is different to the product description and you shouldn't worry about it.


Exact Match  Search Volume

Broad Match Search Volume

Workout Mat



Yoga Straps



Yoga Mats



Yoga Mat Strap



Exercise Mat



Thick Yoga Mat



Jade Yoga Mat



Gaiam Yoga Mat



Kids Yoga Mat



Yoga Mat Thick



Setting up a Keyword Masterlist with Junglescout

Finding a list of the most relevant keywords is quite easy, with Junglescout's Keyword Scout feature. All you have to do is type in the main product keyword. Junglescout will quickly show you related keywords with the highest search volume. In our Case Study : we typed in "Yoga Mat" and we got a list with dozens of high search volume keywords closely related to our product(see Table above). Once you have your list then you can click "Export as CSV" . That way you will have a permanent database of keywords. You can use this masterlist to add keywords to your listing title,product features and backend keywords area. 

 Now to even find more keywords, type in the highest volume keywords you found in the first search. In our Case Study, we could use Workout Mat, Yoga Straps, and Yoga Mats. Many of the results will be overlaps. You will get the same keywords you got before. But you will also find NEW high volume Keywords that you can add to your Masterlist. Now once you have downloaded three or four sets of keywords, open them in Excel. Look at the 20 Keywords with the highest volume in the CSV Files. Say you have 3 CSV files with 20 Keywords each. Pick a column in one of the Excel files. Copy and paste all your keywords there. 

You have to copy Keyword and volume data. You would end up with 2 columns with 60 keywords in it. Now using this method, you will end up with a lot of duplicates. But I will show you how to get rid of them. The idea is ending up with a single Keyword file with just the highest volume, most relevant UNIQUE keywords. Amazon Seller Backend Keyword area has only space for 250 characters. There is no room for hundreds of keywords,so you must go for the Highest volume,most releveant keywords. To delete the duplicates,select the 2  columns where the keywords and volume data are. 

 Say you have your keyword data in Column N and O. Select all the N and O Cells with keywords in them. You might be selecting Cells N1 to O60. Then go to Data->Table Tools -> Remove Duplicates. Once you click on that, you will see an option de remove duplicates from N Column and O Columns. Uncheck O. Then click on "Remove Duplicates" once again. That way, We will only remove duplicates in N Column.  This will get rid of all duplicates on N, and we will only have unique keywords left. In our Case Study, we ended up with 42 Unique Keywords. 

Since they are still too many, we need to go through them and delete the ones that are not relevant for our product. For example, we found the keyword Foam puzzle. Well, THAT is not relevant, so we deleted it. So we go through and delete all unrelated keywords. Next we can sort them by Volume. Go to the Filter/Sort Function in Excel and sort them in descending order. So the way you build your listing is by picking the very top keywords for your title and use the lower volume keywords in the product features. If you still have too many keywords, you can ignore the lower volume keywords at the bottom of your list.

"Placing relevant  keywords in the title and product features is the most important of the 4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks"

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Hack #4:Removing duplicates with Tracemyip

Optimizing our Keyword Masterlist is our number Four Hack in our 4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks. To get our final, cream of the crop keyword shortlist for our title, product features, and backend, we need to remove duplicate words. An online tool we use is Tracemyip duplicate words remover. We can do that manually or do it even faster with software. To understand why we need to do it, we have to dig in and understand how the Amazon search algorithm works. When you add Yoga Mat to your title, Amazon also considers the term equivalent and relevant to all other searches with the word YOGA.

If someone typed in Thick Yoga Mats, in Amazon search, even though you only have Yoga Mat in your title, Amazon would consider your title relevant for this search. So It does not make any sense to have the word Yoga, or Mat twice in your title. You don't need any word twice in your Product Features, either. You can place keywords found in your title, also in your product features and in the Backend Search Box. The only reason you should use a word multiple times in the same area is if you use it on your sales pitch. Now once you remove duplicate words, you have to recheck to all keywords that are relevant to your product.

Remember that there is a 250 character limit on the  Amazon Backend keyword area. So we must only keep the highest volume,RELEVANT Keywords. Now if the opposite happens and after removing duplicates you still have room in your Keyword Box,you can always go back and look for more keywords using the techniques shown in this article. But a better way is the hack a mentioned in the beginning of this article. The top method for nailing the most effective keywords is...(drum roll) stealing them from your competitors. This bonus hack on our 4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks List is using KeywordInspector.

Bonus Hack :Reverse ASIN Searches with KeywordInspector

KeywordInspector is a suite of individual tools to help you, the Amazon Seller, gain an advantage over your competition. While each tool is separate, you can rely on multiple tools at once to help you optimize your products faster on Now the way to ripoff your competitor's keywords is to find the top Amazon seller for your product listing. Then using Keywordinspector Reverse ASIN Search, find out what keywords He is ranking for. If His listings got top ranking using those keywords, I want to use the very same keywords. Why reinvent the wheel? 

This is not a free tool. You have to buy at the very least 100 Credits.The cheapest package cost $19 and expires within a month. Once you have Credits in your account, you have to go to your competitor's product and jot down its ASIN. It looks something like ASIN: B081F4KJCK. You can find it in the product's description and also in the products' URL. Once you have the ASIN, go to KeywordInspector's Reverse ASIN Search and type in the search box the ASIN Number. Use the USA Extensive Search. Keywordinspecor will charge you 3 Credits per ASIN.

Keywordinspector will spit out all the Keywords for that ASIN .You then copy and paste them in Tracemyip to remove duplicates. Then add them to the keywords you found using Junglescout and Tracemyip. Make sure your shorlist comes under the 250 character Amazon limit. Now go over to your Amazon Seller account. and look for the Search Term Box. Copy and Paste and you are done. If you put into action all of our 4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks, You will see  your Amazon profits snowball in 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 How do I find my Amazon seller rank?

The higher your products rank in Amazon search,your seller rank is higher. If your sales are on the increase,it means Amazon search is sending more 

traffic to your listings and your Rank as a seller is going up .More info:

02 What is a good Amazon seller rank?

Your goal should be to rank on Page One in Amazon. Put into action, our 4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks, and You will surely Rank on Amazon in 2020 and beyond.

03 How do I rank higher in Amazon?

Ranking higher on Amazon does not depend only on Keyword Listing Optimization, as shown on our 4 Sneaky Amazon Seller Hacks to Grab Page 1 Ranks . It also depends on Customer Satisfaction. If you have a bunch of 5-star reviews from lots of sales to satisfied customers, the Amazon algorithm is going to push you to the top of the heap.

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