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Awesome Micro Niche Sites earn $1200 a month


Micro Niche Sites

by Jim Harmer

The very one question we get asked more often is, How much money can I make with a Micro Niche Site?The obvious question everybody is going to give you is: It depends.**If You want to watch the Facebook  Video,click above**

Now we have done enough micro niche sites that we at least tell you what kind of returns to expect when you start a  micro niche website. With the information we are sharing with you at least you will have a baseline to judge the success or failure of a micro niche website.We will look at actual Case Studies of sites we have built or bought and why there were such a success (or failure).

 How much can you earn with Quality Micro Niche Sites?

What is considered a Micro Niche Site?

Now we need to establish what size a website has to be considered a Niche Site or a Micro Niche Site. A Niche site is a website where we add at least 30 articles over time. Any less than 30 should be considered a Micro Niche Site.

Baseline Strategy

The strategy we are considering here is slowly building a Micro Niche site into a Niche Site. Once we have over 30 posts or articles, WE STOP. We let the traffic come slowly to the site.So, for example, we build a Leatherworking Micro Niche Website into a Niche Website with over 30 articles within a month (or whatever time it takes you).

Then we go away and do nothing else(No paid ads, no Social Network promotion).The question is: what would happen to a niche site built like that? Why not promote in Social Networking? What about Guest Blogging, Link Building, Paid Ads? We are not taking any of that into account. It adds too many variables. We want to establish a simple way to measure what results we can get just adding content, and relying 100% on Search Engine Traffic.

Well, we have done it lots of times monetizing only with Amazon Associates with a payout that is about 2.5 cents per page view. We have not used advertising, other affiliate methods, or offer our products or services. So how much traffic do you need and how much money it will translate to over time?

"A Niche site is a website where we add at least 30 articles over time. Any less than 30 should be considered a Micro Niche Site"

Micro Niche Website Case Study

    Case Study

 We created this niche website in the Recreational Vehicle niche exactly one year ago from this videos' date.So i the first few months we wrote about thirty articles ..... to a ghost town. There was very little traffic in the first five months because it takes Google a long time to trust the content in any new micro niche website.You can actually see a Google Analytics screenshot of our first year traffic on this website.

Micro niche Sites
a sample micro niche website

Important Legal Information

This site is owned and operated by Mymoneytrees C.A. . Mymoneytrees C.A.  is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Mymoneytrees C.A. also participates in affiliate programs with Warriorplus, Clickbank, JVZOO, ShareASale, and other sites. Mymoneytrees C.A. is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

Like any product, movie, or book launch, all micro niche sites don't behave the same. Some have excellent traffic after six months.Most just get average traffic.Some just flop. Our Camper site went over the 15k mark after 6 months. However, the average is about 10 k a month.
A 10-month micro niche website should be getting about 22K Visitors a month, and a Year Old website should be getting 30k visitors a month.

Viral Videos in Minutes

Around one and a half years after setting up a Niche site, We expect traffic to hit 45 K.Two years out traffic usually hits 55K and thereafter traffic flattens and actually start decreasing if we don't add or update old content that is not useful anymore.So that is the usual curve with most niches sites.

"A 6 Month old Micro Niche Website should bring about 6K visitors a month,22k after 10 months and 30 K after a Year "

The reason so many people fail with Niche Sites

The reason so many people fail building niche websites is they get discouraged after one.... two..... three..... four... months go by with nearly no traffic or profit.They feel so many months have passed, and they see no results. But what happens is at any time a website can take off once Google starts to trust its content, and the website's articles prove their value. That Niche Website you gave up on, could end up generating sizeable income. You just have to stick with it.

Some make the mistake of shutting down or even worse, SELLING their website, just before it takes off. You have to remember it does not take any additional work to maintain a site that takes off. You have to give it time so you can profit from your investment and hard work.

Section from Income School-Jim Harmer Niche Website

The idea for website comes from the fact I decided to buy a Trailer for my family. I didn't know anything about trailers, so spend months researching for the purchase in Google and I learned a lot of things . After I bought it occurred to me, this subject would make a great niche website. So I went back over my  two months Google Search History. I answered my own questions making articles out of them and thus the website was born. It turned out excepcionally well.

In fact,I will even show you the income: It brought in $1383 last month after exactly one year online. I spent exactly 30 days working one hour a day adding content and haven't even logged on in a quite a while.I did a month of work and I am going to be cashing checks on this site for years to come.

The income from this site will probably keep growing for an additional year and then flatten out.Just in April, this site earned about $500. Once a Niche Site enters its growth phase, income takes off. Traffic and income become larger and larger each month.We should have a little drop in the winter,according to Google Trends, as not many people go camping. However, the drop wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.

  Case Study #2: Pontoon Guide.Com

The next one is,, which I eventually sold. I wrote the content in about 40 days,30 articles, did nothing else and then, just let it sit there for about a year and a half. Its income eventually went to $4200 a month in the summer. I knew a big crash in income was coming because of the winter. So I sold the boat and the website and invested the proceeds in a camper.

I wasn't interested in that website, so I sold it for Seventy-five thousand Dollars. I got all the income for a year and a half and still sold the niche site for $75.000. Now that is awesome.

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  Case Study#3: Dirt Bike Planet

This is a niche site we bought that has been up for about ten years.It has about 40 quality articles and some other pages with short content that cannot be called articles.This niche site has been earning about $3000 a year. The owner of this site tells us he has not touched the site in about two years.The owner of the site did a really good job with the site but the content is old because he just hasn't had the time to dedicate to it.

This site has a traffic of about 30 K a month. Properly monetized, it should be getting about $1200 a month, not a measly $3000 a year.This site does not have Amazon affiliate links or any other kind of affiliate links. It only has Google Adsense and an Ebook. With a few little corrections, this niche site should be earning $400 a month within days.We found this website for sale and It had 30k Page Views a month. The asking price was Ten thousand. We paid Seven thousands. A 30 K views a month niche site should not be earning $300 a month when it could be earning four times that .

 Case Study #4:KnifeUp.Com

A large website with over 350k visits a month. This a niche site we bought.It earns about $5000 a month.This was an excellent investment. However, I would not have built this website from scratch. The reason is that knives cost $20-$ 40, and your affiliate commissions are tiny.So unless you have massive traffic like this website is going to be tough earning a significant income from a site like this. I wouldn't pick this niche to build a micro niche site from scratch.It is best to pick niches  where the average sale is higher,over $100 if possible.

  Case Study

This micro-website is in a good niche. It has been up for 7 or 8 months from the date of this article. We added about ten articles but didn't add any more for lack of time.It is making about $80 a month even though It is unfinished. We didn't add all the articles at the beginning. Rather, We wrote an article once in a while, so some articles are new. Adding twenty more articles and giving it a few more months will allow this niche site to reach its full income potential.

Case Study

This one, we consider a failure. We added 15 quality articles to it. But we made some mistakes in the beginning, and the site never took off. It just makes a tiny $15 a month, and it is a good example that, like any other product, niche sites can also fail.This site could never rank on Google, and we consider it a learning experience. It sat there for a year without earning a penny, and we could not figure out why. Once we found out was what wrong, we corrected it, but it might take Google a while to trust it.Besides we need to add it another 15 articles to really make it takeoff.

Wrapping it up

As you can see from what we have covered here, we are disappointed if a year old site is not making at least $1000 a month. But there are many mistakes that can lead to failure.In Incomeschool, we teach you the exact method we use for niche site building, so you can succeed 95% of the time.


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