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How to Make Money on Pinterest in 4 Easy Steps


by Brendan Mace

Wouldn't you like to find out how to make money on Pinterest?Wouldn't You like to learn how you can make a killing off Pinterest and how you can get lots of backlinks, traffic, and sales? Stick around and in the next few paragraphs I will show you how

In four simple steps, I will show you how you can gain considerable exposure for your website, Youtube channel, Instagram account, or sales pages. You will learn how to turn Pinterest into a cash cow. It is about time you start exploiting the massive opportunity that's up for grabs at Pinterest.

In 4 Easy steps we show you How to Make Money on Pinterest

Open a Pinterest Account

Step one is ridiculously easy to complete. If you don't have an account yet all you need to do is to sign up. Simply click on and fill out the required information. Once you've set up your Pinterest account, you are all set.

Open a new Pinterest account in just 5 minutes

Repin interesting images in your chosen niche.

Repin stuff related to your niche

Step number two is just to pin some cool stuff that's related to your niche. You don't have to do too much work. All you need to do, is find cool content that already exists on Pinterest and then simply repin it. the way we do that is we look up a keyword related to the niche that we're involved in.

I'm in the make money online niche so I'm simply going to look up make money online in the Pinterest search engine and then I'm going to look at pins or I can look at pinners and basically what we want to do is we want to find a pinner that has a good amount of followers.In the image above we found a pinner with over 1500 followers. We look for pinners with a large following because their material tends to be of high quality.Go to their pins and try to find the ones that you think would be interesting to the niche audience that you're targeting.

I look at this guy's account, and I see some pretty cool stuff there. I want to find the best of the best that I think would attract the most people to my board. I want to repin graphics from inside the minds of digital marketing leaders. I want something that might be VERY interesting to somebody that's involved in my niche.

"For those involved in Make Money Online,one of the topics that interests them is How to make money on Pinterest ,so finding images on that topic would attract a lot of interest"

For those involved in Make Money Online and who are also Pinterest users, one of the topics that interest them is How to make money on Pinterest, so finding images on that topic would attract a lot of interest. Just keep on pinning until you have found from ten to fifteen interesting pins, related to the niche that you chose.

Viral Videos in Minutes

Build a Pinterest Following

Step three is just building a Pinterest following. This step does take a little longer than the previous two steps. However, it is just as easy to implement. All you need to do is press some buttons as before. You want to take a search in your niche.Search for someone who has a sizable amount of followers in your niche. I'm going to go back again to this user in my niche, with over Fifteen Hundred followers.Log into your Pinterest account and also look for a Pinterest user with a large following in your niche, so you can follow the logic.

 Once you're in the influencer board, take a look at the people following him.These Pinterest influencers have committed followers with a deep interest in their niche. So following the logic, they might also have an interest in anything I share, since it is similar and we are in the same niche. If I follow these people, a large percentage of them are going to follow me back reciprocally.Now you are going to start with a big advantage when you implement this strategy because I've done this already, and you can see the results I have gotten. For this tutorial, I followed many people and is an easy process of clicking on the Follow Button.

The one limitation with this strategy is that Pinterest imposes a limit on the number of people that you can follow per hour. After you've followed 300 people in an hour Pinterest is going to flash you a message like "you're going too fast come back in such amount of time". This isn't that big of a deal.It just means that you can only do this in three hundred people bursts. Come back whenever you have time on your computer and do it over again until you've built up as big of a following as you want to build. It's time-consuming but it's really ridiculously easy to do.

Make sure that you have already a board with interesting repins in your niche.For example in my niche, I would make sure I include high quality images about How to Make Money on Pinterest,How to build an email list and ways to make quick money as a Youtuber.Those are evergreen topics that many people want to know about. You should also find out what are the keywords and the topics that are hottest in your niche.

234 Followers in just 2 days.

Eventually, a good number of these people that you're following are going to follow you back. You can check out the demo account(left image) that I created for this tutorial to see how effective this technique is. I've spent a very small amount of time doing this, and I've followed One thousand and One Hundred people. That didn't take too much time.You'll see here 234 people followed me back over two days, because of Pinterest limits. These followers all came from people that were just reciprocally following me back after I had followed them and I've even got messages from a couple of them.

These are real people that are going to follow you back and real people that are involved in the niche that you're targeting. By the time I follow say, 10.000 people, over 20 percent will probably follow me back. Do the math and see that following 10.000 people means that I should have around 2,000 people following me back on Pinterest related to my niche. Now try not to follow too many people in an hour or a day or Pinterest will block your account,and not let you follow over 10 people an hour.

Pin Graphics and Videos related to your niche.

By the time you finish step 3 and have over one thousand followers, you are ready to monetize your Pinterest account. Well, you can do it before that.It is up to you. By now, you will have a reasonable enough following, that can make some pretty good backlinks, traffic, and sales from Pinterest. We have made it to the step(Four), where I can finally show you how to make money on Pinterest for real.This is the step where you're going to make real cash.

There are several ways you can make money by sending traffic from Pinterest. You can pin images from your own website, or you can Pin videos from your Youtube channel. You can also pin from any other Social media you own(as long as you can monetize any traffic directed to it). You can then send traffic to your website,when Pinterest followers click on the Call to Actions included in your Pinned images and videos.

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I'm going to show website I own: and my youtube channel. Look at my website.I have all these blog posts where I have an image on them. So if I want to pin one of these blog posts to my Pinterest account, it's easy to do. I just use the Google Chrome Pinterest extension. It adds the Pinterest Icon to my Chrome Extension Bar. I just click the Pinterest Icon when on one of my blog pages. Pinterest then gives me the option of picking which image on my post I want to pin(if I have several)and also let's me choose which board I want to pin to(in case I have more than one board).

Youtube videos are different. Youtube videos have the option of sharing on social media, including Pinterest. If you share your video to your board on Pinterest, anyone clicking the call to action on the video on Pinterest will be directed back to your Video on Youtube. Make sure to monetize your Channel through Youtube Partners, or to have affiliate links or links back to your website in the Videos' description.

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How to make money on Pinterest maximizing its marketing power.

How to make money on Pinterest and how to maximize its marketing power? You can start by repinning other board's images. But the way to turn Pinterest into a marketing powerhouse is by pinning Images from your digital properties: Your Blog, Youtube Channel, and Instagram Account. When you have a large following the SEO effects of one of your pins going viral can be outstanding. Say you have 1000 followers and you pin an infographic from your Blog: "How to do keyword research on steroids". If You pin the graphics to your account, it will appear in every one of your followers' accounts.

Suppose one hundred of them repin your image, you would soon have thousands of backlinks pointing to your blog article. Now, you are beginning to see that the title of this blog is not misleading at all: "How to make money on Pinterest". Pinterest not only can bring direct leads and sales but also increases your standing and ranking, in the eyes of the search engines, especially Google. That way you start to rank for different keywords as your SEO score increases.

Another powerful way to use Pinterest to enhance your marketing efforts across the web is by combining it with Youtube. You can claim your Youtube Channel on Pinterest. When you share your videos on Pinterest, It lets you add in the description links to your Youtube Channel and your website. That way, you will get more traffic to your youtube videos and subscribers to your channel. Besides, since you get a whole lot of backlinks from Pinterest pointing to your Youtube Videos, you will rank higher in the Youtube Search engine. Another neat thing about pinning Videos is that are not shown as images but play as videos. Everybody loves to watch a video, even Pinterest users.

I hope this How to Make Money on Pinterest tutorial has demonstrated to you how you can interconnect your web properties, to generate massive profits. We have not touched on combining Pinterest with Instagram, but I hope I can share it in future tutorials.

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