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Make 100 a day easy


by John Crestani

Make 100 a day easy.That is the dream of many newbie marketers.Today I am going to show you how to make 100 dollars a day guaranteed to your PayPal account. I am not talking about passive income here. I’m going to be showing you how to get Work.

You will see how to get it done in just minutes FOR FREE. No matter what country you’re in, you can do this, as long as you have access to the Internet. I’m going to show step-by-step how to do it. Just follow the directions, and you can too do this to make money. I’m going to be showing you how to do simple online jobs.

I will cover three aspects of "Make 100 a day" strategy

  • Getting the Work.
  • How to get the work done FAST for little or no cost, since you are going to be providing a service.
  • I will show you how stand out among the crowd,how much to charge, how to cash in your earnings and how to scale up and make 100 a day FAST.

How to get Work

Now the site we’re going to be discussing is a site that I use a lot. I use it all the time, and I’m on the other end of things because I’m paying people. The site is​​. Now I know many of my readers are familiar with the site but don't click away yet. Just keep reading and give me a few minutes of your time.

Here in the next few lines I am going to share a complete method, to turn Fiverr into a goldmine for you even if you feel you don't have any skill you can list on Fiverr. I got you covered. You open the site and it says:"Find the Perfect Freelance Services for your Business." Now,what interests us is posting on there and getting paid.

Now, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with me but you may have seen a lot of my ads.A lot of businesses need video ads for their business too.Now,I just did a simple search here,"Video Ads". You see,a lot of people are selling these video ads services because a lot of people need services like this.People are getting hired in Fiverr to do Video Ads.

Now,check this out,We are looking at one of the Gigs which says "I will do professional and attractive video ads"And this seller charges from $50 from his Basic Gig to $125 for the Premium Option.  You can charge a lot more than that depending on the length, quality, and type of video and a high quality longer video can easily run into the thousands. I spend thousands of dollars with people to do my video ads.Remember,your goal is to make 100 a day as soon as possible.

Now let’s see how many people are paying money for these little jobs. In this gig, we have 192 reviews. There are two orders that this person is currently working on.From the description, we can see this seller is from India. You can do this anywhere in the world.As we keep going through this gig, we see several reviews,one eighteen hours ago, one day, two days and four days ago. If we figure, as an average, that only about 50% of people leave a review, then this person is getting several jobs per day.Suppose this seller gets two jobs per day.At $50 a video,The seller can easily make 100 a day.

How to the Work done, so you can get to make 100 a day Fast

Now I'm going to show you how to do this with Zero Cost for you(except for your time).So,how would you create an ad if You've never created a video ad before?Let's check it out.Now,this is the site where you can get this done for free. It is called Now,with Flixpress,you can create videos in just minutes.And it's completely free.You can do up to 2 minutes' worth of videos a month for free. And from there on if you want to continue using Flixpress,there are several plans from $3.49 upwards.You can start doing short videos and using your earnings scale up to the point you can make 100 a day.

Viral Videos in Minutes

So, you can start doing short videos and using your earnings scale up and do longer, more expensive videos. Flixpress allows you to use pre-existing templates along with your images and video clips to quickly put together Youtube Intros, promos, Youtube Ads, animated slideshows, video announcements, video explainers, etc.

Now, you might be wondering, “John, how do I post a job on Fiverr?” What do I do to get above the muck?How do I stand out in Fiverr?How do you get to the top? There are five different factors to you have to pay attention to if you want to to be found out.

How to stand out and be hired

  1. Social Proof: the first thing that people look for in really anywhere in marketing is social proof. And what does social proof mean?   It means people don’t want to make decisions on their own. They don’t want to make decisions alone. Most people want to follow the herd that’s gone before them. So how do you get Social Proof in Fiverr with so much competition? Well, the trick is lowering your prices. Look, you are providing a service with little to no cost to you. So, you can afford to compete in pricing. Later, with a bunch of five-star reviews, you can raise them.
  2. Super Quick Response: Fiverr shows everybody’s response times, so, buyers tend to prefer sellers with quick response times.
  3. Now, the third factor is keywords also called tags. Keywords are a little more of a technical algorithmic concept. For Fiverr, you want to put in keywords that people might search that relate to the services you are offering. You should use Video ads as one of your keywords. You should also consider Video advertising, Create a video, Facebook Video ad, YouTube video ad.
  4. Increase your repeat Customers: To rank you higher, Fiverr looks at how many times a customer keeps coming back to you.An idea of how you can get repeat customers is by simply messaging them after completing a project and saying, “Hey, could you write me a review?” You can also look for a long-term business relationship offering them your services in any other area you are proficient in, for example, Logo or landing page design.You don't lose anything by offering because a businessman that needs a video ad service might many other kinds of services. If They have already worked with somebody and been satisfied with their worth,They are much more likely to work with the same people again.
  5. Promotion: You cannot just list your job on Fiverr and hope for the best. You have to let the world know the skills you are offering.You cannot hope to make 100 a day in the short term if you only rely in Fiverr search traffic.

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Three ways to promote your jobs for free

Now, the first step to Fiverr promotion is a great one. It is Facebook. Specifically, we’re going to be looking at Facebook groups. So, Go to Facebook. And let’s say, for instance, we were doing a video ad, right? We showed an example of how you can create video ads no matter where you live. We saw this seller from India doing 50 to $100 per job. They’re getting multiple jobs per day.He can make 100 a day easy.

 Now, we go to the Facebook search window and we can type in Video Creators. And we’ll see there’s a lot of information that appears. We want to go specifically to the group’s tab, up in the top Facebook menu. Once we click the tab, a lot of groups pop up. We join every single group that we can. They ask you some questions, and you answer them to the best of your knowledge. If they ask if you are going to drop affiliate links, answer NO. You are going to direct people to your Fiverr service. You are NOT an affiliate.

Increase your Open Rates learning HOW TO WRITE AWESOME EMAILS

We’re going to post our Fiverr jobs. Several group members will be looking to have videos done. They’re looking for what you have. Next, we can type in the Facebook Search Box, Small Business Marketers. Once again, we click on the Facebook groups' tab. We will find dozens of groups where we can post our Fiverr jobs. I guess that in any group you join, there will be several people looking to get videos done. Everybody’s moving to video ads.

There will be group members ready to pay 5, 10, 50, 500 dollars for a video ad. There are tons of groups here in the Marketers Category. There’s a lot of groups that you can join where people are looking for video advertising for their business. We can just keep scrolling for ages. Every one of these groups is an opportunity for you to get your message across and to reach your goal which is to make 100 a day.

                                                                           Article continues below advertising 

The second method for promotion is LinkedIn groups.  Just click on the search box and click on the group's tab, then enter marketing or video ads in the search window. Lots of groups are going to come up. Join as many groups as you can that are related to the service you are offering on Fiverr. You can play around with alternate keywords and keep joining different groups. On many of these groups, you can join and instantly you are a member:NO permission. You can then post right away.Next, you can put a post with one of your videos, explaining how you can create a professional logo or video ad for their business for $5 or $10 or $20.


Method number three is Forums. You can post in forums. There are lots of marketing forums where people discuss marketing tactics. Just Google Marketing Forums and you can come across many of them. For example, you can join Warrior Forum, Blackhat Forum, Digitalpoint, and many others. There’s a ton of places you can post your links. There’s a ton of ways you can promote. It’s easy to get this money.

Once you put into play one or more, of these promotional methods, you will know how to make 100 a day.  You will never depend again on anybody else for income.

You might want to go deeper and have me as your mentor, your teacher. I make about a million dollars a month. Not from YouTube. I make it from my affiliate marketing business. And when I say a million dollars a month, I meant a million US dollars per month. And I can show you how you can grow a business.

I’ve created at least five other Internet Millionaires. I’ve also helped thousands of people replace their job income and work for themselves, enjoying the freedom an internet-based income can give you. Check this out if you want to make $100 a day guaranteed to your PayPal account.Put the methods found within this guide and quickly get to make 100 a day and much,much more. See you on the inside.

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