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19th October 2021

From the Desk of : Efrhen Gallego

Re- Driving potential customers to boost sales and profits 

How would you like to bring in millions of dollars in revenue…with just one great ad? That’s exactly what Dollar Shave Club, Squatty Potty, and Poo Pourri did.

These companies started small and grew into revenue juggernauts…all on the back of a few insanely successful YouTube ads.

YouTube is the worlds second-largest search engine with over 3 billion searches per month, which is more than AOL, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask… combined! And is simply just too big of a force to be ignored in your marketing mix.

If you’ve found yourself funneling all your budget in AdWords and  Facebook Ads or relying on  SEO only…and not investing in YouTube Ads….You’re making a fatal mistake.

Why? Because you could simply be one or two campaigns away from unlocking geometric growth for your business through this incredibly powerful channel.

YouTube Ads also gives Internet Marketers the opportunity to reach potential customers and leads no matter the niche or Market Sector .However,as any Paid Advertising ,YouTube Ads can be  it can be hazardous to your financial health if not done the right way. 

                               Let’s check out some fascinating facts about the Massive Potential of 

You Tube Video Marketing

No hype here ,only cold,hard statistics**

Truly, that’s just a small piece of the immense possibilities that it holds for business owners of all shapes and sizes. Yes, benefits are getting BIGGER AND BIGGER as We speak, as do the opportunity to reach potential customers & promote your offers to increase sales & profits*. 
And you know what the best part is? Now you don’t need to worry about the complexities and Youtube Advertising cost involved in mastering these techniques. Below You will find the revolutionary blueprint that takes you by the hand and ushers you safely through the complete process fast and easy. 


Youtube Ads Made Easy 2019 -2020

YouTube Ads Made Easy 2019 -2020 Training Guide

This step-by-step training guide will take you by the hand and teach you how to create engaging and profitable YouTube advertising campaigns to boost leads, sales and profits. 
With its proper use, you can easily connect with potential customers in striking and unique ways. Find out why Youtube Ad Rates let you turn a Positive ROI on any campaign with ease.

You’ll discover advanced YouTube ads tips and tricks used by top marketers to boost sales and profits. Find out .....

  • How to only bid on audiences that result in leads and sales (not just views)
  • How to make more money off every conversion you get
  • How to increase sales and profits guaranteed…with very little effort
  • How to double your CTR with this little know tactic
  • How to have your ad constantly in #1 while bidding less than the competitin
  • Ad examples from the most outrageously successful campaigns in the world 
  • Ready to go Youtube Ads Templates
  • Why Youtube Google Ads are the most effective type of Google Ads

Table of Contents

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Use Youtube Creative Ads to unlock massive profits.

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Here you will have access to a complete niche research report regarding YouTube Ads: Videos, Tools, Training courses, Forums, Affiliate programs, Demographics, Webinars, Infographics, Facts, and Case studies. Get the maximum value out of  your YouTube Ads Made Easy 2019 Training Guide with this Top Resources Report.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do You create a Youtube Ad?

A. To Create a Youtube Ad, you need to have first of all a Youtube Channel. Then you need to upload your Youtube Ad to your channel. Once your ad is processed, you need to create a campaign inside your Google Ads account.
You will find, step by step, Youtube Ads Training inside our Youtube Ads Made Easy 2019 -2020 Guide.


Q. How much does it cost to place an Ad in Youtube?

A. It depends on several factors, such as the kind of ads you are placing and several more. There are 7 different types of Youtube Google Ads(such as Youtube Search Ads and Youtube Trueview Ads) , and some are more costly than others. It also depends or your target location, target audience, target keywords, and the topics you pick. You can limit your Youtbe Advertising Costs through a daily Budget.  Your Yoube Ads Made Easy 2019 -2020  shows you how to set up a Youtube Ads Template and Campaign  to keep advertisng costs in check. Anyway, Youtube Ad rates are reasonable compared to their massive impact on your bottom line.


Q.  Why is Youtube good for Advertising? 

A. The simple reason Youtube is so good is that people love videos. For 50 years in the last Century TV was the king of advertising. Online Videos are  replacing TV as the foremost entertainment and advertising medium and since Youtube is the biggest(by far) video site Video advertising is Youtube.


Q. What is Youtube Pre-Roll Ads?

A. Youtube Pre-roll ads are those that show just before a Youtube Video starts. As a rule they last between  15-60 seconds and are not skippable. The advertiser will only pay for this kind of ad if the user clicks on the Ad.

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* Results vary with usage
** Stats taken from primary sources