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Nail a Fast 500 A Day On Shopify with the NO Money Method


Nail a fast 500 a day on Shopify

Nail a Fast 500 a Day on Shopify with the NO MONEY Method

By Alex J Crumpton

In this article and video,You will learn how to nail a fast 500 a day on Shopify. You will not invest in any kind of Facebook,Youtube or Instagram ads. You won't need massive Social Network Followings,either. You can even make do without marketing skills.I am going to show you to how get millions of targeted visitors to your Shopify store.  **To see Facebook Video please click above**

I cannot believe more dropshippers are not implementing what I show you in this video.It is a very easy method to implement. You can  make a fast 500 a day on Shopify Stores, passively.All this can be done dropshipping products from Aliexpress .I am going to show exactly what the "No Money Method" is. I will show you why is such an easy untapped method for generating traffic to your Shopify Store. If you apply the "No Money Method", you can soon be earning passive income on complete Autopilot.

I will show you why there's absolutely zero marketing skills required to succeed with this method.I know it sounds too good to be true. You don't need to create any video ads, banner ads, or any other kind of ads.You just have to follow the steps that I'm going to outline in this article. You, too, can earn passive income through your Shopify store on complete auto-pilot. This method can work for anyone as long as you take action. It will work if you implement what I'm about to teach you throughout this video.

At the end of the article, I'm going to show you the one secret for making this work 100%. I will also reveal how to make as much money as possible with this method. If you really want to make the most out of this opportunity, then stick with me to the very end.It doesn't matter if you've got one product store, general store, or niche store, this method will work. It will work, regardless of the type of Shopify store that you have.  I will show you the exact steps you need to take to get started today.So get ready to Nail a Fast 500 a Day on Shopify.                                       

 What is Fast 500 a day on Shopify all about?

To start, You do need to have an active Shopify store. Now look for big Youtube Channels within your niche. Let's say that you have a Shopify website within the Cat Niche. Suppose your store has Cat Backpacks like the one our images. I have seen products like these go viral on Facebook. We know this is a winning product. Now you want to go and find YouTube channels relating to the Cat Niche or Funny Pet Videos.

 There's an example of a Youtube Channel here called Tiger Productions. It's predominantly about pets and cats. These kinds of videos go viral, and as you can see, they've got over three million subscribers.

The amazing thing about this channel is that some of their videos were getting 30 million views. But when I looked at the description of the video, I saw they were not monetizing their channel. There were no affiliate links, no websites linking to any products, no Amazon affiliate links. These channel owners do not know how to monetize their channel correctly. There are loads of channels like that with millions of views. Most rely exclusively on Youtube Partners. They ignore they can add another income stream with affiliate programs. That is where we come in as Dropshipers and offer partnerships. We set up an affiliate program in Shopify and through Youtube, get millions of hits on our Shopify Store.

 Viral Youtube Channel Case Studies

Case Study #1:Funny Animals' Life      

      This channel has a subscriber base of about 400K. It a rather new:Less than a year. Even though It has less than 40 videos in the Pet Niche, it has an amazing 26 videos with more than one million views. Channels like this are excellent target candidates for the Fast 500 a Day on Shopify Method. If you open the description in these videos and look through,you will find NO affiliate links(as of this article being published). Want to find out How to make money on Shopify? Partner with Youtube Channels like this and Make 1000 a day on Shopify.

Case Study #2: Aaron's Animals

This Channels centers around a single cat's adventures:Aaron. The Channel is about 4 years old and has over 2.2 Million subscribers.About 40 of it videos surpass the 1 Million mark views and many go over 10 Millions. Guess what? Not affiliate links .Trying to work out a deal with this channel's owners would be quite profitable. Imagine a link in each video back to your Shopify Home website? You would soon see hundreds of sales in your Shopify Admin report.

 Case Study#3: Funny  Pet Videos

Pet Channel with over 554K Subscribers. Many videos with views in the millions and countless videos with views in the 100Ks. If you go through the videos ,You will not find any affiliate links. If you hit on a partnership with a channel like this,expekt to see hundreds of thousands of hits to your Spotify Store. Imagine partenering with one or more channels like this. Making $1000 a day on Shopify does not seem farfetched. Now you can see a Fast 500 a day on Shopify is within reach.

Calculating a Channel's Profit Potential

Many channels fit the profile we are seeking. Channels with massive traffic, but no affiliate links in the description. And they are in every niche imaginable ... Youtube has millions of channels, so there are plenty of opportunities. There are two niches you best stay away from when attempting this method. They are the MAKE MONEY and INTERNET MARKETING Niches. The Youtubers in these niches are experts in monetizing their channels. So best stay away and look for niches with lots of passionate, talented Youtubers that mostly monetize through Youtube Partners and nothing else.

So let's get down to how to calculate a High Traffic Youtube Channel Profit Potential.Say there is a video that has brought in 1 Million visitors in 6 months.That would be 1 mill/6=170K visitors a month. Say your Shopify store average article sells for $45 and your average product cost=$30. So your average profit =$15

That would be a margin of 50%. Say you give your Shopify Store affiliates %20 commission on a sale. It means that on a $45 sale, they get $9. You would make $6. Say a $170K a month video, brings 50K Visitors to your store(not all Video visitors would click on your link). Say, 2% of those 50K buy= 1000 sales. But you make $6 per sale, so $6*$1000=$6000. Suppose there are 20 videos with the same traffic on the channel. So,multiply $6000*20=$120.000/30 days= $4000 profit a day.

 As you can see, a Fast 500 a day on Shopify is not so crazy. Logging in to your Shopify admin, and seeing orders piling up with this method, is not so insane after all. Of course, These are average figures. Your profit margins might be thinner. You might choose to give your affiliates a bigger commission. Amazon's average commissions are just 5%. Imagine someone getting 20% or 25% on physical products. Many people would prefer your affiliate offer over Amazon or Walmart. Also, your affiliate link might convert at a lower percentage. The conversion rate on a video might fall over time. But still, you can see the massive profit potential.

How to reach out to Potential Business Partners

All your calculations will not do you any good if you cannot convince High Traffic Youtubers, to partner with you. You need to take to them a proposition where, in exchange for nearly Zero efforts on their part, they increase their income dramatically. I will show you a trick setting, that a Youtuber can do on their Youtube Channel. This trick will insert your Shopify Link, in every single video in their Channel, without them lifting a finger. They will just add the Shopify link ONCE in their settings, and the link will be added Channelwide, no matter if they have 10 videos or 1000. Besides, anytime they upload a new video, the link will be added, AUTOMATICALLY.

First, pick the channels you're going to message based on your niche. Then reach out to them. Look for their email, on their YouTube Channel "About" Section. Then write to them something like this: "Hello my name is Alex and I am the CEO on (your Shopify Store). We love your content about Cats and Pets. We're a company that specializes in quality Cat products." We know your audience will love our unique products, and We can help you earn big commissions on the sale of our products. All you have to do is place our affiliate link in the description of your videos. Start earning money right away with our unheard of 20% commissions on all sales generated".

Please don't copy the above letter. Use your own words and adapt it to your niche and products.

 Amazon's average commissions are just 5%. Imagine someone getting 20% or 25% affiliate commissions on physical products. Many people would prefer your affiliate offer, over Amazon or Walmart. It is a win-win for any Youtuber. They can concentrate on what they enjoy: Content Creation. But they can also benefit from E-Commerce without worries. No building websites, no sourcing, no handling orders or refunds. But in your case, you will not have to worry about creating Videos, building a following, or becoming an Influencer star. Once You negotiate a deal with the Youtuber, and they have joined your affiliate program, It is time to set up the affiliate links.

Once you have reached a deal with the Channel owner, It is time to place your Shopify Store Links  in the description. Ask the Youtuber to go to Your Channel -> Youtube Studio Beta ->Settings->Upload Defaults and put your Shopify Store Link in the description.

 To have maximum effectiveness, the link should in the first or second line on the description. Now you are much closer to making "a Fast 500 a day on Shopify". But hold on, aren't we missing something? where do You get affiliate links for the different Partner YouTube Channels? Shopify Stores do not have default affiliate programs. You have to set them up yourself. Having loyal affiliate will you reach faster your goal a making a Fast 500 a day on Shopify.

Shopify Affiliate Apps

 How to set up an affiliate program for your Shopify Store

   You need to track sales and commissions in a fair, transparent fashion. You need to set up an Affiliate program. Your Youtube Partners will know, they are getting every last Dollar in commissions they earned. You have to set it up in Autopilot. Go to Shopify Home, and look for the Shopify Ap Store  and type in "Affiliate Programs". There you will find many free and paid apps. If you are starting, it only makes sense to pick a free app or one with a Free Plan. Later, when you start raking in the cash, you can go for an App with more features.

 You need something that allows you to create individualized affiliate links for your Social Network Partners. I use a paid one called Reversion, but it is pricy.  Some apps offer 30 days free trial, so you want to find out what's best for you and your store. I'm not going to go into the details of installing it or anything because it's pretty self-explanatory. The apps all have detailed instructions and tutorials. You will easily set up your affiliate program on Shopify. In no time, you will be making a fast 500 a day on Shopify.​​​​

As You put in motion the methods shown in this article,you will easy nail a Fast 500 a day on Shopify and even more.

Maxing out Profits from Youtube Traffic through Retargeting.

Micro Niche Sites

To make the most of the traffic generated,You should be retargeting the extra traffic you are getting to your store.Retargeting is a way of advertising. Its object is reaching visitors that have come to your website after they leave. That way, you can keep your brand and offers fresh in the mind of those you know have an interest in your products or services. In most cases, only 2% of web traffic converts the first time around. Retargeting allows you  to reach out that 98% that are potential buyers.As a general rule, retargeting campaigns are low budget, and they have a high ROI on Ad Spend.

The neat thing about Retargeting ads is that you don't have to spend loads to get your traffic to buy because they aren't cold traffic. They have seen your website, and they have a proven interest in your brand. In the example above, we calculated a 50K a month traffic for a single viral video. For 20 Videos*50 K = 1 million. Since most of the first time visitors will leave without converting, You will have nearly a million visitors on your Pixel that you can reach with Retargeting Facebook Ads. There you will have another chance to get them into your sales funnel or mailing list. 

Remember the traffic is not free, because you are giving up part of your profits to the Youtuber in exchange for the additional traffic. That is why Retargeting is a must.Now retargeting involves some work and money. However, you can make it automated and streamlined as possible by using an App. Go to the Shopify App Store and type out "retargetapp" .There are many Retargetting apps in the App marketplace, but Retargetapp has a 14 trial and has plans that go from a $1 Ad Spend a day and up, so small marketers can use it.

You can retarget any visitor to your store, or only those that have visited a specific page or looked at a specific product. You can also retarget only those that abandoned a cart with products in it. You have many options to maximize profits from your Youtube Traffic.You need to implement retargeting when you see traffic spike massively. Experts don't recommend retargeting unless traffic exceeds at least 100 visitors a day. If the traffic is less, it is better to wait until it reaches higher levels. Reinvest some of the profits on a larger Retargeting budget. As You put in motion the methods shown in this article,you will easyly nail a Fast 500 a day on Shopify and even more.

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