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Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook


Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook

Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook

  By Justin Bryant 

In this article, I am going to share Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook. So, you are dead broke. You do not have  any capital to invest.  Keep reading. I will show you how to turn a Facebook Page with a large following into income. **To see Facebook Video please click above**  . You don't have to invest in any kind of business. You don't have to buy anything. You can do this without any kind of budget. You can make money from your profile. You can make money from your Facebook Page.

 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook: 

#1 Affiliate Marketing 

                  Chances are you already know what Affiliate Marketing is. But we are writing for beginners and experts alike. So We have to cover all the bases. According to Wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is "a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts."  Affiliate Marketing is Number one in our Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook List. But the other nine have as much potential. You can use several at the same time.

Affiliate Marketing is when you get paid for selling someone else's product. The neat thing is that you don't have to deal with hosting, setting up websites,etc. For example, you can go to a site like There you can go to the Marketplace and find hundreds of digital products you can promote. You can promote Weight Loss, Make Money Online,and many more. Suppose You have a How to Make Money Online Facebook Page. Heck, everybody needs more money. You could share products with your followers on How to Make Money. You sell a product, and you make a Commission.

The Commissions are high on Digital Products, up to 100%. Digital products with 100% Commission are not rare. Promoting them is one of our Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

 Here I found this course on Affiliate Marketing by John Crestani. The course is called Super Affiliate System- John Crestani Super Affiliate Funnel and has a sale Price of $997. According to Clickbank,it has a Comission of 50% . So if you sold the course ,your comission would be $498. The Course has an upsell that is priced at $247 a month with 30% comission or $74 a month. Promoting High Ticket items such as this is my favorite Top 10 broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook. There are many Digital Product Marketplaces. There you can joins as an affiliate. These are Marketplaces like JVZOO amd Warriorplus.  Clickbank and are also very well known markets.

Super Affiliate System - John Crestani


Warriorplus specializes in Internet Marketing and Make Money Online niches. Looking through, I found two great courses. Youtube Ads Made Easy 2019-2020. It shows buyers how to launch profitable Youtube Ads Campaigns. Priced at $ 17.95, It pays you 85% as an affiliate. It also has a Video Course Upsell that pays you 75% Commission. Another one is Enigma. It shows buyers how to make money with Facebook ads, without spending a cent on Ads. Enigma has nine upsells. It gives you lots of opportunities to cash in on your Facebook followers. JVZOO has mostly Internet Marketing software offers.  It will convert well if you have lots of Facebook Followers interested in Internet Marketing.

 Look for four or five good programs like those to promote. You will soon be making money hand over fist with our recommended Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.


There also many Physical products Affiliate Programs. The best known is Amazon Associates. It lets you earn from %1 to %10 on a product's purchase price. Now what you can do is post an image of the product. Then link the image to the product sale page, using your affiliate link. Facebook also lets you create a sales button. You can then link the button to the sales page using your affiliate link. You can also add a Tab to the left on your profile. This tab will redirect the visitor to the sales page through your affiliate link.

This is an excellent article by Amy Lynn Andrews . It is about how to share Amazon affiliate links on Facebook and Twitter. However, remember Amazon policies are constantly changing. It is best to check with them. Amazon sells everything. Chances are your Facebook audience would have an interest in something sold by Amazon. The Amazon program has a 24 Hour cookie. If you are looking for How to Make Money on Facebook in 2020, Affiliate Marketing has to be on your list.

We just mentioned a handful of the affiliate programs available. There are hundreds of marketplaces and Company direct Affiliate Programs. You just have to Google "affiliate program (your niche or Product) . Keep reading as we share with you another of the Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

Massive Profits with Youtube Ads 2020

Youtube Ads Made Easy 2020

Important Legal Information

This site is owned and operated by Mymoneytrees LTD  Mymoneytrees LTD  is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Mymoneytrees LTD also participates in affiliate programs such as Warriorplus, Clickbank, JVZOO, ShareASale, and others. Mymoneytrees LTD is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

#2 Sponsored Posts

This is when you post on behalf of an advertiser or a brand. Usually, you have a product placement on a message post, image, or video. Social Media Examiner has this excellent article called Facebook-branded Content: What Marketers need to know. This article explains to you in-depth how it works when you do Sponsored Content.  It explains how, when you have a large following in a Facebook Page, you can partner with a company or brand. You can then get a product or service in front of a lot of people related to your audience. Of course, for your page to be valuable to the advertiser, your page's audience has to match their brand.

 Say You have a Facebook Body Building Page with a very big following. Your page talks about tips and tricks for building muscle and losing fat. Your Page would be an  excellent match for a company selling supplements for Body Builders . They would benefit from sponsoring a Post in your Facebook Page. Running sponsored posts can make you a lot of money,specially when you have a lot of engagements and likes on your page. To get started in your Facebook Influencer career,this article on Influencer marketing is a must-read.

The article I share above is Why Influencers Are Essential After Facebook’s News Feed Update. Recently, Facebook has been on a continual push to remove branded content from the News Feed. The Facebook algorithm has continually decreased the organic reach of Facebook content. The push is to force Facebook Business users to spend on advertising. This is where the small influencer comes in. If you have a high engagement Page you can offer Sponsored Posts .You can steal a drop of the Multi-Billion Dollar Facebook Advertising Income. Sponsored Posts has to be one of your Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook. You can use several ways to earn more money from your Facebook Account.

#3 E-Books

Selling your own e-books is another easy answer to How to earn money on Facebook by posting links. It is similar to #1 of the Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook, Affiliate Marketing. But instead of pushing stuff someone else authored, you can promote digital books you have created yourself. You can create E-Books that people can read on their phone,tablet or Laptop. They are usually in PDF format but  You can also publish in Kindle Format if you join Amazon's  Kindle Program.

The way to promote your e-book on your Facebook Page is the same you would promote, affiliate products. You can drop Buy links in your posts, make promotional videos with Buy Links in the description. You can also set up offer tabs, and add Buy Buttons to your page. But where do you hosts you e-books and how are payments handled? That is where marketplaces come in. They host your ebook files and handle payments(and returns) in exchange for a small fee. When you are starting as a publisher, you want to avoid monthly fees. That is why I recommend, and

 Warriorplus and Payhip only charge you 5% . Paydotcom does not charge monthly or selling fees at all. Amazon is the biggest e-book marketplace, but they hit you with an outrageous 30% fee or even more. Stick with one of the recommended 3 Marketplaces if you want to keep more of you e-book sales. Profit with another Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

#4 Paid promotions on Fiverr

If you are not using Fiverr,you are missing out. On Fiverr, you can buy or sell, any kind of service imaginable. Another source of income for a Facebook influencer with a large following is offering your services on Fiverr as Social Media Influencer. This income trick could be considered the same as # 2. You are offering paid sponsorships on Facebook. You offer clients the opportunity to reach your audience by posting messages and images in your Facebook Page that link to their products and services. Fiverr receives payments from the Buyer and pays you . This addition to the Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook can be very profitable.

You don't have to limit yourself only to promoting Social Media Influencer services on Fiverr. If You have an in-demand skill set such as Logo Design, Video Production, Voiceovers, or anything else, you could make money selling your services. The problem is there is a LOT of competition on Fiverr, and sometimes is hard for your offer to stand out. This is where Facebook comes in. If You have a Facebook page with a large following, you can easily promote your Fiverr gigs. Think long and hard about what marketable skill you might have. Combine Facebook traffic with the Fiverr marketplace. Fiverr+Facebook, no doubt is one of the Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

App or Website







$25 per friend


10% of referral-5% of referral's referral


Up to 50%

#5 App and Reward Program Referrals

There many apps and websites that pay you just for signing up. They also pay you for doing different tasks. Get paid for trying new products and services, downloading apps, watching videos, taking surveys, and more. You can make a few dollars a day. If you put long hours with them, you could even make a living. But if you want to earn into the hundreds of dollars a day, you need Apps with referral programs. You need to earn hands-off income 24/7. You want to earn money by bringing customers and/or also earn a % of other people's work.

Making money from referrals is one of the best Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook when you have a good following on Facebook. There are many opportunities out there but I have handpicked the best based on two criteria: They have to be serious companies that have been around for years. What is the point of racking up a lot of referrals if the company is going to go under and disappear with your earnings? Another requirement is that the program has a good referral program. The app must pay you a percentage of your referral's earnings as long as he/she is active or pay you upfront $10 or more per new referral.

Our top recommended App program is allows you to make money in a lot of different ways. It allows you to make money playing games, shopping online, answering surveys, discovering offers, using Swagbucks Search Browser, and Swagbucks mobile app. But the best feature in Swagbucks is that it pays 10% on referrals earnings per account's lifetime. This feature allows you to build up passive, residual income. As far as credibility with a company that has been around for a while, Swagbucks surely has it.  This is how you can make money on Facebook by Posting Links. Promoting Swagbucks has to be among your Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

Another excellent passive income program is Ysense pays up to 30% on referrals income. It pays 20%. For the user with over 200 referrals, it pays an extra 10%. Ysense used to be called Clixsense. In the table above, we share other programs.  They are all backed by trustworthy companies. You know your promotional efforts won't go to waste. If you want to earn more money from your Facebook account, you cannot go wrong as an App affiliate. Promoting the right App has to be one of your Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

 #6  Link Shortener's Profits

 You might have used well-known link shorteners as Google Link shortener or Bitly. Some companies are ready to pay you to use THEIR Link Shortener tools. The best-known one is Adf.Ly. is the oldest and most trusted Link Shortener earnings program. But it is not the only one. Wizmeg lists 30 link shortener sites that you can use to make money

 Affiliate and website posts links tend to be long and ugly. A link shortener will turn a long link into something compact.EVERY time someone clicks on one of your links, you get paid. People that click on your links will see advertising. Link company shares with you part of advertising income. pays you 20% lifetime per each referral. So you have a good reason to use a link shortener. Link Shorteners should also be one of your Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

#7 Send Traffic to Your Website

 Combining a Website with a Facebook Page is a winning formula. Your website is the only digital property you truly own. Social Media accounts are not truly yours. The social media giants can close your account. Media companies also can change their policies. They can destroy your income. There were recent changes (as of 2018)in FTC rules regarding Marketing to children. Youtube destroyed many Channels with children's content.

However, with a website, YOU are in control. You could direct Facebook traffic to your site. On your website, you can promote your products and services. You can also promote products and services as an affiliate. You can join Advertising programs like Google Adsense, and others. When a visitor clicks on ads on your site, you profit. You can have opt-in forms on your site. You can then collect the visitor's details. This allows you to build email lists and reach contacts repeatedly. A high-traffic website and an email list are your best assets. Nobody can take that away from you.

There are many ways you can promote your website on your Facebook page. You can add your website address to your profile. You can let your followers know when you publish a new post. You can offer some freebie in exchange for joining your website's email list. You can have a Youtube Channel. You can also upload the video to your Facebook Page. The possibilities are truly endless. Take advantage of this other 10 Top Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

                            Amazon Handmade Products

#8 Sell Handcrafted and Artistic Items

You might  have artistic abilities. You might sell handmade items in your Etsy Store or Amazon Handmade. You can sell downloadable patterns that people can print locally. Promoting and selling your crafts is easy on Facebook. Facebook is geared towards images and videos. People engage with images and videos better. Facebook knows that. It gives much more reach to images and videos.

There are several ways to sell your handcraft. Set up an Etsy Store.Sign up on Amazon Handmade(see products on the left). Open a seller account at eBay. Then take photos or videos of your handcrafts to display on Facebook. You can also add sell Buttons to your page. Facebook visitors are much more likely to click on an Image or Buy button.

To build interest, you can publish a series of images without buy links. Once people  show interest,  make the image purchasable. If you are an artist or artisan,take advantage of this other one 10 Top Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

"Making money from referrals is one of the best Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook when you have a good following on Facebook."

#9 Sell Online Courses and Digital Products

Publishing your own digital products is quite the opposite of Affiliate Marketing. When you launch your own products and courses,you  you have the advantage. Many eager affiliates  will want to promote your products. Stuff in Section #3 E-Books also applies to this section. A Digital Course is a little different  to a Digital Product. A Digital Course is a single training product.  Best Marketplaces for courses are Skillshare,Udemy or Coursera.

A digital product is usually a  sales funnel with multiple products. The best places to set up sales funnels are Clickbank and Warriorplus. JVZOO and are also excellent. Even if you cannot create a product, you can always purchase PLR content. You can acquire Private Labels Rights prodcuts you can sell as your own.I like PLR Jackpot. It is a huge PLR Bundle with all the content you will ever need .You can use it to launch your Products,Niches sites and add content to pre-existing niche sites.

If you want top-notch training as a Digital Product Launcher, there is nothing like Profit Project Academy. Brendan Mace will show you every trick that has made him a top Product Launcher. PLR Jackpot and Profit Project Academy are must-have training. Digital Product Launches+Facebook is a can't fail Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook.

#10 On-Demand Products 

Print-On-Demand products are blank items manufactured with the sole intention of having custom designs printed on them. These can be items like apparel, home decor, socks, phone cases, accessories,mugs, and many others.

Say you have some really cool t-shirt ideas. You can make some designs and set up a T-Shirt store. You set the price. Just make sure you leave yourself a good profit margin. Then you can promote your On-Demand wares on your Facebook Page. Any time you get an order, the design is printed on the shirt and shipped. You keep the profits. Print-on Demand can be one of the Top 10 Broke Ways to Nail Fast Money on Facebook in 2020 and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Can I earn money from Facebook?

For sure. We have shared with you ten different ways. I am sure there are more ways than the ones we shared today. But the most important thing is that you pick one or more ideas and implement them. You cannot succeed if you don't take action.

02 How do I make my Facebook post interesting?

Facebook is a visual Social Network. People prefer posts with  videos or images (in that order). A text-only post will be ignored(mostly)

03 Do Facebook pay you for views?

In fact it does. Through a program called Facebook Instant Articles. Once You are accepted into the program,You can monetize and make money for x amount of views. It is similar to Youtube Video monetization.

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