Aren't You sick and tired of hearing "The Money is in the list"? BUT...

  •  even though you HAVE built a list, you have very low open rates, you don't seem to get ahead and keep on making peanuts.
  • You have not even been able to build a list because it is so difficult as a newbie affiliate because you don't have a product or website.
  • You have a product or website but don't seem to build enough traffic, list size, and profits that make any difference to your bottom line.
  • You keep sending "Solo" ads to someone else's list and keep bleeding money and falling flat on your face.

Then maybe you are doing the wrong thing or going about it  the wrong way.The great British Internet Marketer Alex Jeffreys once said: “After Several Million Dollars of Extreme Testing We’ve Discovered A ‘Super List’ Is By Far The Best Way To Make Money Online…”

But what is a Super List? A Super List is a list of BUYERS.Without a list of Clients,you have no Sales. Without Sales, there are not profits and you don't have business. But there are still GURUS out there telling you to set up squeeze pages to build a list of bonus seekers, tire-kickers  and freeloaders that  rarely if ever,buy anything from you, while the GURUS and "experts" build a list of BUYERS and Doers like you.

How can you build a list of Buyers if you don't have a product ?Well , say you are rEADY TO LAUNCH YOUR FIRST DIGITAL PRODUCT OR YOU FOUND A REALLY HIGH CONVERTING FUNNEL FROM A  Top Seller on jvzoo or warrior plus and you want to send real good traffic to make a killing OR get up there in the LEADERBOARD  but You don't have a BUYER'S list.WHERE do you get quality  leads?

 Forget buying leads from Solo ad brokers whose leads have been mailed probably a thousand times already. What you need is an easy to sell ,high converting ,high in-demand product to add quality buyer  leads to your autoresponder list.


Introducing Youtube Ads Made Easy 2019-20 .This guide with just ONE Upsell covers the high in demand niche of How to do Youtube Advertising the right way.Priced at just $17.95  with 85% Commission and just one Upsell Youtube Ads Video Course priced at $29.95 set a 75% Commission

Coupled with Getresponse Autoresponder,YouTube Ads Made Easy can help you build your list quickly with the 85%-75% Commissions to help you defray traffic costs. Once on your list ,you can send these proven BUYERS any high converting offer of your choice.

When a Business owner is ready to spend on Advertising,like the ones that will pick up You Tube Ads Made Easy,they are proving they are serious buyers that are ready to spend money on software,information and services that you might have to offer them.

These fresh buyers will be on two lists only: Yours and Ours. Compare that to sending YOUR offer to a Solo Ads Broker list where your offer has to compete with dozens and even hundreds of other emails every day or mailing to a list of stingy time-wasters that just bloat your list and increase your Autoresponder expenses in exchange for  nearly nothing.



*This is an evergreen product.We are not serial launchers. We plan to keep improving on this product and updating it regularly. We will promote it,even  if nobody else  does.See,if you promote for us ,you keep 85-75% of Comissions.If WE promote,WE keep 100% of profits and the buyer lead is our only. So if you put a review in a website or make a review Youtube Video,the product will stay there ,updated, making you money and more importantly,getting you BUYER LEADS.


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85-75% Funnel Comissions,up to $45.90(minus Marketplace Fees). You worked for the traffic,you should get the GOLD. Promote on WarriorPlus.

Aren't you tired of being a lowly affiliate and just having to settle with making peanuts or doing product launches that go nowhere, while the JVZOO, Clickbank and Warriorplus marketer Elite walk away with 95% of the profits? Join the MEGALAUNCHERS and start raking in 6 figure launches. Let Mark Thompson show you how. *Be sure to turn the volume UP within the video

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Youtube Paid advertising produces quick, measurable results as opposed to SEO where you have to wait months and even years to rank webpages or videos. "Youtube Ads Made Easy" offers, always in-demand Youtube Advertising Inexpensive training, showing customers how to avoid making expensive mistakes and how to setup Video Ads Campaigns that brings leads,sales and profits.


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